Job matching and competency management

A traditional Resume was never designed nor intended for modern e-recruiting.  Despite multiple adaptations and improving job matching technology, the Resume matching process continues to be bound by its fundamental limitations.  Job matching processes which use a Resume as the core source of data continue to elusive at best. 


A SkillZoom Profile allows you to reach across industry sectors with a standardized approach: 

  • Individuals do not need to craft several tailored variants of their Resume to suit each job application. 

  • Keyword search-and-match methods contain far too many inconsistencies for multiple reasons: each person craftss their Resume with multiple word choices that are not necessarily the same ones used by recruiters.  As a result, the results from so-called "sorting" and "ranking" processes that a ultimately recruiter sees as his "top 10 or top 20" candidates are far from accurate.  It's an easy test; ask yourself: how many times do you receive emails from "Job Search Agentss" that claim that invite you to apply to a certain postion that presumably "fits" you quite closely, ... and upon closer inspection, you realize this position is not even remotely connected to the type of work you want or seek. 

  • Our view is that a serious career path is far too important to be left to the meanderings of "Keyword matches" or advertising pitches.

  • One of our slogans says it all:  " Job Matching should not be a keyword lottery ".

  • Instead, we propose a systematic approach: a single, detailed, comprehensive SkillZoom Profile with an accurate and standardized matching tool, that is used both by job seekers and recruiters.  SkillZoom is also the de-facto leading tool to explore all potential job roles in multiple industry sectors. 

  • Stay tuned for our near future launch.


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Why use SkillZoom

 Matching job vacancies to individuals with unprecedented accuracy and speed.  Online recruiting and job matching does not have to be a keyword lottery.  Competency matching, independent consultants and contractors

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Recruiters and Job Seekers

Avoid multiple errors and inaccuracies from using systems that match 'keywords' typically found on traditional Resumes.  Search and drill-down on specific areas of expertise. 

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Employee competency system

Maintain a highly detailed inventory of your employees' skills  Multi-industry yardstick for benchmarking tasks, processes in a useful and comparable way. 

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